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We design websites that work

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Search Engine Optimization

We Optimize for Google, Yahoo, Bing and more..

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Web Design


Web Design - Logo Design - Graphcis Design

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Web Design that works!

SE Websolutions supplies, as the name implies, websites that work. We do away with the numerous websites that can be too much compared to what the customer needs. It's about that websites should operate - technically, but especially in terms of user-friendliness.

In consultation with the customer we cut into the real need, and from there we build the website around a graphic concept and program clean HTML, PHP, or is a CMS or webshop - if this is decided.

With a wide range of industry-leading freelancers, we are able to produce websites in all categories, from ordinary business card pages to large online shops and portals.

The price at the same time also is low is not so bad in times when the economy plays a significant role.

Contact us with confidence for a non-binding meeting, so we can get you online

The Concept

SE Websolutions offers professional web design to individuals, companies and associations. SE Websolutions is the webdepartment of the advertising agency SE Design, located in Santo Domingo. The concept is our main force, we do web design that works!

SE Websolutions aims to make web pages to suit the client's needs, budget and values. We are down to earth and take time to understand the customer's needs, and not just sell a huge (and expensive) solution with infinitely many features that the customer does not need. However, we are to talk to and will advise on what is needed in the situation.



We have a number of templates in HTML / CSS, which represents the most common configurations of a web page. We have made a processed for example, a single page with information and contact details about your company, association or whatever else the website will cover. These templates can be quickly expanded and extended according to customer wishes.

When we manufacture our web pages in HTML / CSS, we focus on a simple structure that works. This is not only helpful to all users, but also later for the customer or webmaster, who need to edit the page later.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is short, the art of optimizing the page for high ranking in search engines like Google. There are many "smart" offers on the net that guarantees a top ranking with mildly suspicious methods. At SE Websolutions we are starting from ordinary logic and common sense and keeps us within Google's guidelines.

On our websites we build search engine optimization into the code, which usually come very far with. It is of course also possible to really go in depth and optimize each page for just the customer's desired keywords.

CMS system and Webshop

With a CMS takes one step further compared to HTML / CSS, and a CMS (Content Management System) allows you to edit your page directly in the Web browser. A CMS requires no experience with web programming and is generally very easy to navigate.

With CMS, it is possible to add incredibly many exciting features like a forum, polls, newsletters or blog. Our CMS is programmed as Open Source. It is a "program" with a large international network of users who develop on the CMS daily.

It is also possible to build a shop on your CMS. Webshop solution makes it possible to have a fully functioning shop with credit card payments as well as an infinite number of products and categories. Like CMS is Open Source and incredibly easy to add new features, change the categories or else you could want.

Although a CMS and a webshop solution is simple to work with, it may initially seem a little confusing. That's why our own manuals for both systems, both general novice, but also manuals that focus on particular customer's area of ​​interest.


SE Websolutions consists daily in four employees. However, we have a large network of freelancers with expertise in their respective fields. These can be downloaded into each project as needed. The advantage of freelancers is beyond their expertise in the area that they can come up with new approaches to a project, and that we then becomes "sparring" from the outside, and for a varying graphic style.

Contact SE - Web Solutions

Calle Dr Fabio A. Mota 18
Res. Torre Inmega IV, Apt.3B
Ensanche Naco
10121 Santo Domingo

Phone: +1 809 899 8320